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Trailer Repair West Palm Beach

Trailer Repair West Palm Beach

In the bustling heart of Florida, where businesses thrive and individuals pursue diverse interests, one thing remains common – the need for reliable trailer repair services. We understand the importance of this requirement at Deals on Wheels, your trustworthy trailer repair service in West Palm Beach.

Trailers, whether used for business or personal needs, are invaluable assets. They carry your goods, equipment, and sometimes dreams from one point to another. From hauling your landscaping gear to transporting your food truck, trailers support diverse objectives. However, their perpetual utility also subjects them to regular wear and tear, necessitating periodic maintenance and repairs.

At Deals on Wheels, we excel in ensuring your trailers stay in top condition, delivering their purpose smoothly and safely. Our expert team handles everything from routine maintenance to complex repair works, dealing with components like bearings and hubs, electrical brakes, suspension systems, and more.

Bearings and Hubs

One common issue troubling trailer owners involves worn-out bearings and hubs. These crucial components, if ignored, can lead to excessive heat, unsettling vibrations, and even potential accidents. Thankfully, our proficient technicians can swiftly identify such problems, providing you with a durable and reliable solution.

Electrical Brakes

Modern trailers come fitted with electric brakes, a vital feature ensuring safe and smooth braking. Nevertheless, like every mechanism, electrical brakes can face malfunctions due to worn-out brake pads or a faulty brake controller. Worry not – our comprehensive electrical brake repair services are here to serve you, including everything from brake pad replacements to brake system overhauls.

Suspension Systems

A well-functioning suspension system in your trailer guarantees a smooth ride, reducing vibrations and unnecessary wear and tear on your tires. Damaged suspension can lead to a bumpy ride and tire blowouts. However, with our team’s expertise, your trailer’s suspension system will be repaired or replaced, ensuring safety and efficiency.

We extend our services beyond these usual repairs, offering a gamut of solutions including tire replacements and repairs, lighting and electrical system repairs, trailer hitch installations and repairs, welding and fabrication services, and even trailer floor repairs and replacements.

With Deals on Wheels, you can be confident about maintaining your trailers in excellent shape. Our team’s extensive experience with all kinds of trailers, combined with our use of high-quality components and state-of-the-art equipment, means your trailer will get the care it deserves.

Our commitment goes beyond providing outstanding repair services; we also believe in competitive pricing and stellar customer service. We uphold transparency, keeping you well-informed about required repairs, the cost, and the expected turnaround time.

At Deals on Wheels, we strive to make trailer repair and maintenance a stress-free experience for you. We aim to be your go-to solution for all your trailer repair needs. So, don’t wait – call us today to schedule an appointment! Experience the best of Trailer Repair in West Palm Beach and keep moving forward, unhindered and worry-free.

Trailer Repair West Palm Beach


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