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Tires West Palm Beach FL

Tire Buying guide:tips on buying tires

Buying tires can be expensive and most people do a little research before actually going out to buy new tires for a vehicle. One question you may have is where to buy tires so that you get the most value for your money. When to buy new tires is usually a no-brainer. You can normally notice when the tread has worn down so much that it’s barely visible. Do the coin test on your tire treads if in doubt.

buying tires:usage considerations

New tires will usually help with your car’s performance and can even save on gas. One of the first considerations when thinking about buying tires is your usage. This is the major factor for most people and it should direct you in the type of tire you purchase. For instance, if you commute back and forth to work on a highway every day then purchase a tire with a higher speed rating. A “V” rated tire is usually adequate under most circumstances. Even ultrahigh performance tires have at least a rating of “V”.

Most tires are warranted for about 40,000 miles. The US Department of transportation requires tire manufacturers to grade their tires under the UTQG labeling system. This system establishes ratings for temperature resistance, traction, and treadwear. If you are in doubt about a particular brand, then check those ratings and see how your favorite brand measures up.

Buying Tires for All Road Conditions

Areas Serviced

Another major factor that people should take into consideration is the weather conditions. All weather tires perform well in just about any type of weather. Though Florida doesn’t get much cold weather, including snow or ice, some drivers do travel to states with those types of weather conditions. If you drive up north for work or pleasure on a regular basis, then it would be a good idea to purchase some type of four-seasons tire.

Brand Name Tires

Some drivers swear by certain brand-names. But a few of those have become famous in recent years for being recalled. Before rushing out to buy your favorite brand, it may be a good idea to check and make sure the brand is not frequently recalled. Of course, the manufacturer will stand behind their product, but in the meantime you could wind up in a serious accident.

Discount Tires West Palm Beach

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