Have you been hearing a strange-sounding rattle? Bothered by brake noise? Is your car doing the shimmy a little too much? Good news! Deals on Wheels offers quality and trusted auto repair services for all makes and models. We work on light-duty trucks, SUV’s, and all types of passenger cars. Our car repair services are backed by the same great service as our tire and wheel products. We have highly trained mechanics on staff who can fix just about anything.

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Our mechanic will start with a thorough inspection that will give you some good solid information about the type of car repair you need. We always use high quality replacement parts to give you the best performance.  We service all makes and models with honest work and fair prices.

Brake Repair

Brake Repair West Palm Beach FLLooking for dependable brake service? You’ll find it at Deals on Wheels. Good brakes are important for your family’s safety.

If you’ve been hearing a noise when you touch the brake pedal or if it sticks or pulls to one side, then it’s time to have the brakes checked. Brakes that are squealing or grinding during use indicate that the brake pads are wearing down. Once your brakes wear down to the drum, you can start to see some really expensive repairs

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a key factor in getting the best performance from your tires. In addition, you get safe, predictable vehicle control and a smooth and comfortable ride. Today’s modern alignment systems adjust both front and rear wheel drive vehicles.

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Wheel Alignment adjusts your car or truck’s suspension, so that the direction and angles that the tires point in is accurate. This improves driver safety and fuel efficiency. If your steering pulls to the left or right, especially when applying the brakes, then this usually indicates an alignment problem. Also, if you’re feeling a vibration in the steering wheel when driving on a smooth road, this may mean you need wheel alignment.

What Causes Front End Alignment Problems?

Sometimes these types of problems occur simply from daily wear and tear. You can hit a pothole though, or go over a bumpy stretch of road and throw the front end out of alignment. Running over an obstacle in the road or running over a curb can also cause problems. Once your vehicle starts pulling to the left or right, you can bet that the front end is out of alignment.

This can be dangerous, especially if you get into an accident and are not able to properly control your auto. Since you can never tell when you will be involved in an accident, it’s best to get this car repair fixed as soon as you notice it.

Deals on Wheels gives you the same great customer service, affordable prices and quality guarantee on our auto repair services as we do with wheels and tires. We’ve been in the West Palm Beach area serving all of south Florida for years. We’re well worth the drive from anywhere in the south Florida area. You’ll save money on car repair, plus you’ll enjoy working with honest, knowledgeable mechanics.