Deals on Wheels offers expert wheel alignment services for the West Palm Beach area and all of South Florida. We have been providing a great selection of high-end custom wheels, along with amazing deals on tires for years. We know our customers will love our wheel alignment service because we give you the same low prices, friendly service and fast turnaround times as with all our terrific services.

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How to Tell if You Need Wheel Alignment

Sometimes customers ask about this. There are some noticeable signs that your alignment is off and these include:

One of the big problems about improper wheel alignment is that your tires will wear out faster. They also wear out unevenly. You might have plenty of rubber on one side of the tire and the other side is nearly bald. You hate to spend money replacing tires like this, but this can be a dangerous situation. A blow out at high speeds is always risky.

How Wheel Alignment Works

wheel_alignment_servicesA wheel alignment adjusts three basic angles and these are relative to each other. They are the camber, caster, and toe. These are adjusted to bring your front wheels into perfect alignment to each other. Some vehicles don’t allow for adjustment of every one of these angles. Those involved in off-road racing sometimes adjust these well beyond the norm for higher performance on the race track, but this shouldn’t be done on a standard car.

Tips to Help Keep Alignment Straight

Sometimes, if a car has too much junk in the trunk, this can throw your alignment off. A good example would be a light duty pick up truck used to haul heavy landscaping or construction materials on a regular basis. In this situation, it’s best to have your wheel alignment checked and adjusted often.

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For regular drivers who just keep a lot of junk in their trunk, remove it. Too much weight loading down the back end lowers your vehicle’s height and this will throw off your alignment. It’s also important to maintain correct air pressure in your tires. Consistent fast or reckless driving can also throw your car’s alignment off so slow down and drive conservatively. Also, driving consistently in areas where there are lots of potholes and bumpy roads.

If you’ve been noticing any of the problems mentioned above, bring your car or truck on in to Deals on Wheels. We give you some of the best prices in West Palm Beach on wheel alignment. While you’re here, be sure to look around at our vast selection of custom wheels. We stock all the name brands of rims and tires and we offer excellent low prices on tire and rim packages.

At Deals on Wheels, we always offer a full guarantee on all products and services. We are proud of our good, strong reputation in the south Florida area and we keep earning it every day by going above and beyond what customers expect. Come see us soon for a deal on our professional wheel alignment services.

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