You may know us from our spectacular deals on flashy custom wheels and tires, but now Deals on Wheels also offers Front End Work.

More and more of today’s vehicles have really precise steering systems and that makes it more critical than ever to keep the front end, suspension, shocks, and tie rods all working perfectly in harmony. Your vehicles front end includes:

  • Ball joints
  • Tie rod ends
  • Idler arms
  • Pitman arms
  • Center links
  • Sway bars & links
  • Control arms
  • Bushings
  • Even more

Quality Front End Work

At Deals on Wheels we use only name brand front end components to ensure that your car is kept in optimal running condition. Parts from manufacturers like Spicer, Moog and TRW also come with a lifetime warranty. Our goal is to help you get and keep your car, truck or SUV in perfect working condition so you can get out and enjoy the warm Florida sunshine with your family anytime you like.

Your front end can get out of alignment from simple daily use but this can also be caused by driving over bumpy roads with lots of potholes and we do have some areas like this in the south Florida area. Once your front end is out of alignment, your tires will wear out more rapidly, plus your gas mileage will go down and who can afford that at today’s high g

as prices?

Our Technicians Can Handle Front End, Suspension, Shocks, Tie Rods

Our highly experienced front end technicians specialize in front end work, along with suspension, shocks and tie rods. Your car’s suspension system includes the shock absorbers, struts and springs. The suspension system serves a dual purpose. It provides passengers with a comfortable ride and it helps maintain a good braking and handling experience for drivers.

Off-Road Driving

If you’ve been feeling some odd vibrations in the front end, it may not be an other-worldly desire for pizza. It could be that you need some front end work done. If you love driving over those bumpy Florida roads, then you can damage your CV joint boots causing axle grease to leak out. This will cause a clicking or popping noise when your turn your steering wheel. Problems like this are easy to fix if you catch them right away. If you wait though, you may have to replace the whole drive shaft. The CV joint boots are a part of your car’s suspension system and deliver torque to the front wheels while turning.

Front End Service Shop

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Come on in today and visit our new front end service shop. Get those front end repairs done today at Deals on Wheels.  While you’re here, check out our great prices on custom rims and name brand tires. We have over 3,000 used tires in stock and can save you lots of cash on your next set of tires. We do tire repairs fast and cheap.

Deals on Wheels enjoys a great reputation in the south Florida area as a shop that always does good work and never overcharges. We’re totally worth the drive from anywhere in south Florida.