Brake Repair West Palm Beach FLDeals on Wheels is not just about great deals on high quality wheels and tires anymore. We now offer professional brake repair for all makes and models. If your car or truck isn’t stopping the way it should anymore, then it may be time to have our technician perform a brake inspection. We can inspect your brakes and let you know exactly what the problem is and what it will take to repair it. Our brake service is very affordable and backed by our quality guarantee.

Brakes Wear Out!

Most automobiles have disc brakes and this is a set of heat-resistant pads that grip the spinning brake rotor when you push down on the brake pedal. This friction slows and eventually stops the car. With daily use, these pads get worn down and no longer provide adequate friction to stop the car correctly. It can take longer and longer to stop and you may have to press harder on the brake pedal.

Affordable Brake Repair

Brake RepairIn some cases, the rotors or drums may need to be turned or replaced. You can usually go through several sets of brake pads before replacing the rotors.  One indication that the rotors will also need replacing is that the steering wheel wobbles when you press hard on the brakes. Some mechanics warn against turning the rotors because it weakens them and advise auto owners to just replace the rotor when replacing the pads.

When they do wear down, the brake pads begin to make a noise. It can sound like metal scraping against metal and that’s basically what it is. Many times, auto owners wait because they think replacing brake pads is too expensive but it’s best to go ahead and get brake service right away. The longer you wait, the more damage that’s done to brake drums. If an accident does occur, it can mean the difference between stopping in time or not.

Get Brakes at Deals on Wheels!

At Deals on Wheels, we use only top quality, name brand products when replacing your brake pads and/or drums. We can get you in and out fast and while you’re here, you can look around at our custom wheels and tires. We stock all the name brands in hard-to-find sizes. We also offer amazing deals on aftermarket wheels too. We love special orders so just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find it.

Brakes Florida

Deals on Wheels has built a solid reputation in the West Palm Beach area and many of our customers drive from other areas because of the money they save. We give you good value for your money, along with friendly service and a full guarantee on all products and services. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers and they appreciate it.

Next time you need brakes, think of Deals on Wheels. We give you skilled brake repair at low, low prices. We believe you’ll love our new brake service, so come on down.

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