Semi Truck Roadside Assistance

When it comes to Semi Truck Roadside Assistance, no other company understands the urgency and precision needed as much as Deals on Wheels. With every passing minute on the side of the road, you’re losing precious time and money. In this detailed guide, let’s dive into why Deals on Wheels should be your go-to solution […]

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance

Semi-Truck Roadside Assistance Near Me

As a trucker, you know that being on the road can be unpredictable. One minute, you’re cruising down the highway, and the next, you’re dealing with a flat tire or other roadside problem. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable roadside assistance company like Deals on Wheels on your side. We’re here to help you […]

Boat Trailer Tires Sale

Different boat trailers have different needs. Some will need special tires. Until one of the special tires takes a tumble and causes damage to the entire boat, it’s not the most exciting thing on the planet. Special tires become the center of attention and quickly become the focus of the afternoon. We’ll show you some trailer accessories that […]

Truck Stop Tire Repair

Roadside Semi-Truck Tire Repair

You can save yourself the hassle of fixing and maintaining heavy truck tires by using the services of a truck stop tire repair company. Deals on Wheels can come to you anywhere in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and St. Lucie County. 561-847-4097 Did you know there are many companies that offer heavy truck tire repairs? These companies […]

Mobile Tire Repair Near Me

Roadside Assistance Semi Truck

Follow the manufacturer’s truck service schedule. A heavy truck that is commercial can take care of grease jobs every 1900-3100 miles. This is safer and more comfortable. In the summer heat, it would be better to stay on the lower side. However, higher maintenance costs could be incurred. Routine grease will reduce the need for mobile truck repairs. Deals […]

Super Single Wheels

Semi Truck Roadside Assistance Near Me

Finding great super single wheels at a great price can be an extremely time-consuming task but at Deals on Wheels, our team is always on standby to give you a hand. From typical car tires all the way up to Semi tires, we do it all. There are plenty of super single tires for sale […]

11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire

11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire

It wouldn’t be an 18-wheeler without 18 tires with one of the popular sizes the 11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire. Considering how tires are a large part of maintenance expenses, it pays to know more about them and how to use them properly for maximum benefit, Deals on Wheels in West Palm Beach can give you […]

RV Tires

Rv Tires

Searching for RV tires can be tough but finding affordable and convenient tires and service is even more difficult. At Deals On Wheels in West Palm Beach we can offer both while getting you back on the road in no time. Our team of professionals aim to get you exactly what you need to get […]

Semi Truck Tires

Commercial Truck Tire Dealer

Finding Semi-Truck Tires can be a pain and the last thing you want to think about before hitting the road is where to find tires that will even fit your truck. At Deals on Wheels, we have everything to fit your needs to allow you to focus on the road ahead. Driving a semi-truck is […]

Mobile Tire Repair Near Me

Mobile Tire Repair Near Me

Service your truck according to your manufacturer’s recommended truck service schedule. For example, a heavy commercial truck can handle a grease job every 1900 to 3100 miles. This would be on the safe side and summer heat would be more beneficial to be on the lower side, you can go higher but risk higher truck […]