11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire

11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire

It wouldn’t be an 18-wheeler without 18 tires with one of the popular sizes the 11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire. Considering how tires are a large part of maintenance expenses, it pays to know more about them and how to use them properly for maximum benefit, Deals on Wheels in West Palm Beach can give you a hand! Here is information regarding tires you might have never thought about, or may just need a refresher.


When searching for tires, you might hear of two types: P-metric and LT. P stands for passenger, and LT stands for light truck. Neither of these is used for a semi-truck and you would be best to avoid them.

Commercial tires don’t have a specific type, so we will just call them commercial tires (11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire). An 11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire tends to have more tread and is made of harder rubber, making them less likely to puncture but also make the drive less comfortable for the driver. They also cost a lot more than a standard passenger tire, in part because of their design and in part because of their size. Don’t try to use a P-metric or LT tire in substitution for a commercial; that’s a safety hazard.


The household name brands that make tires for 4-wheeled sedans also make commercial tires. These include Firestone and Bridgestone. Here are our top picks.

Michelin. Michelin offers some of the best tire warranties in the industry, including three retreads, seven years, and 700,000 miles. That’s enough to drive across the continental United States approximately 233 times!

BFGoodrich. Owned by Michelin, BFGoodrich tires are cheaper and have a less stellar warranty than its sister company: only two retreads here. See their Tire Selector.

Goodyear Tires. Another household name for tires, Goodyear tires also have nearly unbeatable warranties. With their Kelly line, you can have unlimited retreads for the first four years. Goodyear also has an online questionnaire to help you find the tire type you need.

Yokohama. Based in Japan, Yokohama has a similar warranty policy to BFGoodrich and heavily focuses on designing with fuel efficiency in mind.

Roadmaster Tires. Roadmaster strives to provide a balance between fuel economy, comfort, lifespan, and price to provide the best value for the average trucker.

UNDERSTANDING 11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire with a 119U load index

The above string of characters might seem like gibberish to the untrained eye, but it tells us a lot about the tire. What does this combination mean? Because each section represents something different, let’s take it one step at a time.

225-Tire width. Tire width can be displayed in terms of inches or millimeters. You should be able to tell which just by looking at the number, a 225-inch tire would be more than twice as wide as the truck itself, and a 9-millimeter tire would be too small for a bicycle, let alone an 18 wheeler.

/80-Aspect ratio. The slash might make you initially think the aspect ratio is the width divided by 80, but clearly, the height of the tire is larger than 3 millimeters. No, this number represents the percentage of the length of height to width, with the slash being a divider to separate the width and the aspect ratio.

R-Tire type. R stands for radial (steel belts inside running 90-degrees from the direction the tire is facing), a dash is bias-ply (nylon belts running anywhere from 30 to 45-degrees from the direction the tire is facing). Much less common are B for bias belt and D for diagonal.

22-Diameter. Not the diameter of the tire, but rather the diameter of the hole in the center of the tire. A 22-inch wheel is a perfect fit for this tire.

119-Load index. How much weight a single tire can hold. The further down you go, the more each number adds. 119 is 1,360 kilograms or about 3,000 pounds.

U-Speed rating. How fast the tire can go under its maximum load. A tire can go faster than this at a lower load, and generally, the speed limit will be much lower than your tire’s speed rating anyway. A U rating is 124 MPH.

From this, we can deduce that our mystery tire is a radial tire that fits a 22-inch wheel, is 225 millimeters wide and 180 millimeters in height, can withstand 3,000 pounds and can travel 124 MPH when carrying 3,000 pounds.

The next time you need a 11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire – call Deals on Wheels today.

11R22.5 Semi Truck Tire


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