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Deals on Wheels Used Tire Shop West Palm Beach

At Deals on Wheels we carry a huge selection of used tires in every size and brand. You may not be looking for a set of new tires for many reasons. Sometimes it’s related to the budget, but often people are trying to buy good used tires for a variety of reasons.

Buying Cheap Tires for Teenage Drivers

If you have a teenager for instance, who is just learning to drive and has proven to be kind of hard on tires, then buying used or discount tires can be a great solution. Wait until the younger drivers learn how to stay off the curbs and out of areas with nails and screws before purchasing a set of expensive tires.

Lease Return Discount Tires

For those who are coming to the end of their automobile lease, it’s important to make sure the car has a good set of tires. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars though for tires that someone else will get to use. Deals on Wheels can fix you up with a perfectly good set of cheap tires that will pass inspection at the dealership.

Fixing and Flipping

This has become a very lucrative method of earning extra cash. The idea has really caught on more because of the popularity of shows like “Counting Cars” on the History Channel. The Count and his friend drive the streets of Las Vegas in search of cars that can be fixed up easily and sold for a profit. In every city, there are plenty of older cars and trucks that just need a little work to be in good condition. This can be a great part-time job that’s not only fun and interesting but profitable. On a fix and flip, you’ll have a much higher profit margin if you go with a good set of discount tires.

Used Tire Shops are Not All The Same

Deals on Wheels takes great care in checking any used tires that come into our shop. Our quality assurance test is very thorough and we measure tread, check the air pressure and carefully examine each tire for damage. We always have a huge inventory of high performing used tires that will look great and last for thousands of miles. We carry a wide inventory of major brands of used tires and many of these are not at all cheap tires. They are quality brand names with lots of life left in them.

Our low price includes installation, mounting and balancing and we have a reputation around West Palm Beach for doing excellent work. Our used tire shop also does repairs on both wheels and tires. We can usually get you in and out within the hour.

Our goal at Deals on Wheels is to provide our customers with quality new and used tires, and brand name wheels at the lowest prices in town. You’ll never pay a tire disposal fee at Deals on Wheels and all our work is guaranteed. We take pride in our work and it shows.

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