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Why Keep Your Steering and Suspension Properly Aligned?

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No one likes to think they will have an emergency while driving, but with over 10 million accidents occurring each year across the U.S. the chances are that you will be in a few close calls from time to time. The difference between a close call and a full-blown accident is often the condition of your auto and your own driving skills.

If you’re an experienced driver and your car is in good condition, then you can often avoid accidents and that brings us to the topic of steering and suspension. Besides your tires, the steering and suspension are the most crucial to being able to stop in emergencies. When steering is improperly aligned, it pulls to the right or left whenever you put on the brakes. If you must slam on your brakes, your car can wind up anywhere on the road or in a ditch.

Steering Alignment
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Misaligned Steering and Suspension

Misaligned steering and suspension can adversely affect the stability of your vehicle and cause uneven tire wear. These types of problems can occur because of continual driving on rough roads, collisions and even everyday driving.

So what should you do if you believe your steering and suspension is misaligned? The cost of repairs is far less than those of a big accident.  If you have a family, then it’s important to keep them safe. If you’ve notice that some things aren’t quite right about your auto, then get down to an auto repair shop and have those fixed.

Few of the signs that your steering is out of alignment:

  • Car pulls to left or right when braking
  • Steering squeals when cornering
  • Uneven tire wear-This can be very costly and you may have to buy tires prematurely.

Suspension problems are only easy to spot once they get really bad. If you hit a bump and the car keeps on jumping up and down, then this indicates that the suspension is in terrible shape. Waiting on car repairs always makes the repair bill larger than it needs to be. Suspension problems are an easy fix if you do them right away.

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Steering and Suspension

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