Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket WheelsAftermarket wheels are a great way to improve the appearance of your vehicle, and they serve as an affordable and effective replacement to OEM wheels. You’ll find a huge variety of aftermarket wheels on the market today, including lightweight aluminum alloy wheels that are available in many finishes, from chrome and polished aluminum to painted aluminum. Custom alloy wheels reduce tire deflection and rollover during cornering, and they improve break cooling as they conduct heat very well. By reducing the overall weight of your vehicle, aftermarket wheels can even improve braking and acceleration.

The advantages of aftermarket wheels include more variety, better availability, an equal or greater quality compared to OEM wheels and they are usually less expensive. On the other hand, quality can vary a great deal between brands, so ask an expert at Deals on Wheels if you’re concerned about getting a good value.

Steel Aftermarket Wheels

Which type of wheels are right for you? Steel wheels may be the best choice, as they are usually more cost-efficient with the ability to take a good beating, even in off-roading conditions. You can even change their appearance with wheel covers.

Off Road Wheels

Off-roading has become a popular sport. Today you’ll find a huge variety of off road wheels. From expensive and flashy to hard-working and durable, Deals on Wheels can help you find the hottest styles at the most affordable prices.

Aftermarket Wheels

OEM Wheels

Original equipment manufacturers (or OEM) wheels may offer you more reliability than you can expect with aftermarket parts. Aftermarket wheels are not sourced from your vehicle’s maker. OEM wheels make it easier to choose the right product and you’ll be assured of quality that comes with a warranty.

The downside to this option is that OEM wheels tend to be more expensive than aftermarket wheels, sometimes by more than 60%, and the quality may not be superior.

At Deals on Wheels, you’ll find a huge selection of aftermarket wheels, off road wheels, and OEM wheels from top brands like Ronal, Konig and Enkei to fit any budget. Stop by and find out why we’re south Florida’s number one tire shop.

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