Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment: Common Signs of a Misaligned Vehicle

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How can you tell if your wheels are out of alignment?

Though sometimes these signs are unmistakable, there are other instances where you may not be aware.Wheel Alignment

  1. If you have noticed that your steering wheel pulls to the left or to the right as you are traveling down the road, then your wheels may be out of alignment. This is often a first sign that drivers notice.
  2. Others signs include uneven tread wear. This can cause your tires to wear out long before they normally would. Keeping your wheels aligned properly can add thousands of miles to the life of your tires. If you believe that there is a problem in your vehicle’s wheel alignment, then it is a good idea to check them out. Walk around your vehicle and look to see if the tread on your tires is wearing evenly. If one side seems to have less tread than the other, then take your vehicle in to see a wheel alignment specialist.
  3. Another symptom of misaligned wheels is squealing tires. Do you notice that when turning a regular corner your tires squeal? This is a sure sign that the wheels are out of alignment.
  4. One of the more severe signs that drivers notice occurs whenever this issue has gone on a long time and not been corrected. Though you are driving down the road straight, your steering wheel looks crooked. This also occurs when you are parked. Try parking your car with wheels straight ahead and then check to see if your steering wheel is pointed in the correct direction.

Normally if you have driven your car for a long time with misaligned wheels, you will notice multiple symptoms. For instance, you will notice uneven tread wear, a misaligned steering wheel, and tires that squeal when you go around the corner. This indicates that you should see a wheel alignment specialist right away. In some instances, you will also probably need a new set of tires depending on the extent of damage.

In South Florida area, Deals on Wheels is a trusted tire dealer and auto repair specialist. Our expert mechanics can check your vehicle’s wheel alignment for you. As with all types of auto repair, the quicker you get it taken care of, the cheaper it will be. When we let problems go, they simply create other problems, sometimes worse and often more expensive. That’s why at Deals on Wheels, we have special packages that will help you save more on your expenses.

Wheel Alignment

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