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Why Check Your Tires for Damage after Hurricanes

Storm Damage? Get New Tires West Palm Beach

Storm Damage? Get New Tires West Palm BeachSo far this hurricane season, the US has been hit by three category 4 storms, one after another after another. South Florida, including our local area of West Palm Beach, was luckily spared the worst of Hurricane Irma’s wrath. However, she still managed to cause destruction. Unfortunately, that means damage to our homes, properties, and vehicles.

Even though you may believe you’ve been spared if your car is still in one piece, don’t underestimate the sheer destructive power of a wrathful natural disaster. The wind from a hurricane can get up to over 180 miles per hour, meaning that light and heavy debris picked up by the storm will be going just as fast.

Even if your vehicle was not in the immediate path of destruction, the chance that debris has flown out of the storm at over a hundred miles per hour is very likely. Even the smallest pebble at that speed can puncture a tire or put a dent in one or more of your wheels with ease.

What to Do if You Were in Irma’s Path

The safest thing for you to do if your car was in the path of the storm is to have your car checked out by a reliable auto repair mechanic. Have them assess the damage to both the vehicle’s structure and your wheels and tires before driving your vehicle.

Depending on the severity of the damage, your mechanic may be able to repair a punctured tire. However, driving on debris-ridden roads with patched up wheels can do even more, likely irreparable damage. These strong storms often leave tiny pieces of glass and other sharp objects on the roadways that can quickly tear up your vehicle.

If Your Tires Were Damaged, We Offer Tire Installation in West Palm Beach for New and Used Tires

We provide tire installation services in West Palm Beach for those whose situation is a bit less lucky. We understand that unexpected costs can build up quickly after a natural disaster. That’s why we have a wide selection of both new and used tires, as well as custom wheels, you can rely upon.

We also offer custom wheels that will stand up to the test as you’re out braving the aftermath. as your car will be the most relied upon tool if you’re evacuating before or after the storm for safety. To all of our patrons and fellow West Palm Beach residents, stay safe and be diligent about checking your tires. If you have any damage to your vehicle, whether from Hurricane Irma or not, call our mechanics at (561) 847-4097 today. We’ll get you back on the road safely as quickly as possible.

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