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Commercial Truck Tires

Used Tire Buying Guide

Buying tires is often a big investment, but necessary so we created this Used Tire Buying Guide to help with your decision. There are certain times when you’re better off buying a good used tire instead of new tires. Those include situations where you have a young driver in the house who is hard on tires. Also, if you have a lease and it’s time to return it. The most common reason is probably our budget. Sometimes we just don’t have the money for a set of new tires.

Used tires can provide you with thousands of miles of solid use. They can be inexpensive and yet high-quality. The best tip on where to buy used tires is to deal with a local company that has a good reputation. Deals on Wheels has been serving the West Palm Beach area for years with great prices and a huge selection of wheels, rims, and used tires. You can purchase used tires from us with confidence, knowing we’ll give you a good price, friendly service and we’ll be there if you ever have a problem.

Hard Driving Conditions

Some people use their car each day in their work. For instance, if you are some type of city inspector or housing inspector then you probably drive all day from one location to the next. One day, you might have to drive out to a construction site where there are nails and debris. The next day you might be required to drive over a dirt road to get to where you’re going. When you know that you will be using your car in these types of situations on a regular basis, then be sure to look for used tires that are rated for this type of wear and tear.

Tips on Best Used Tires

Deals on Wheels has a huge inventory of used tires in all the major brands and we can help you choose the one that’s right for your situation. We check every tire that comes in to make sure it has sufficient tread, no punctures, and good air pressure. If you are a young or inexperienced driver and you aren’t sure where to buy used tires or what type you need, then just explain that to one of our technicians. Our highly trained technicians can make recommendations and help you select a good used tire that will give you lots of wear at an affordable price.

Get a Deal on Used Tires & Wheels

Used Tires

Deals on Wheels offers fast wheel and tire repair services that include balancing and rotation, and there’s never a tire disposal fee.  All installation is included in one low price and you always get personal service from a name you can trust. Call or come by and see why we’re south Florida’s Number One Tire Shop.