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Tire Styles at Deals on Wheels

Tire StylesTire styles have changed a lot over the years. Back in the 50’s we just had rubber tires that worked on any vehicle and nobody made much of a fuss over whether they were radial-ply tires, white wall tires, or all season tires. Now you can buy specialty tires for an SUV, light truck, trailer, jeep and many others. If you live up north where it snows a lot, you can buy snow tires. Studded tires also work well in ice, snow and other bad weather conditions.

At Deals on Wheels We Know Tire Styles

With so many different types of tires available today, you may be confused about the best tire to get for your car or truck. That’s one reason our customers love us here at Deals on Wheels. Our staff is fully versed on the various tire styles and how they perform under the various conditions. We can help you decide on the best selection for a pickup truck that you will use at work, or a passenger car that you use on highways for commuting.  Our team of tire experts can answer all your questions so that you can get the best product for your needs.

We get asked a lot of questions about tires every day here at Deal on Wheels and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out for you. Some guy wanted to know just last week how far you could run flat tires without ruining the rim. The answer is not more than a block or so. They actually do manufacture run-flat tires these days though, just in case you like the “flat tire” look.

Great Selection of Tires and Rims

Tire Styles

The bottom line is that Deals on Wheels has just the tire and rim you’re looking for. Whether you want run-flat tires, white wall tires, all season tires, or studded tires, we can get you into a set of them at the lowest price around.

When you need a flat fixed fast, come by and let us handle it. We will get you in and out so fast you’ll barely get settled in your chair. Deals on Wheels serves all of south Florida with friendly customer service and low prices.

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