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Pros and Cons of Buying Used Tires

If you’ve been noticing that your car doesn’t handle as well and your tire tread is looking pretty thin, then it may be time to consider buying a new set of tires. This often happens at a wholly inopportune time. A new set of tires can cost hundreds of dollars and just may not fit in your budget at this time. So what can you do? It’s really not safe to drive around on worn-out tires. Besides the obvious danger of having a flat tire or blowout, you also won’t normally get the best gas mileage.

Advantages of Buying Used Tires

Used Tires West Palm Beach FLThe price of a good set of used tires is often half of that of new tires. Most reputable tire shops thoroughly check used tires before selling them. They may even offer some type of guarantee. Used tires are economical and can provide thousands of miles of safe travel. By the time they will need replacing, your finances may have improved.

Buying used tires is also great for the environment. Since tires are difficult to dispose of, it’s better all-around if they are used up completely before disposal. Consider this a unique type of recycling. Since the tires are used, there may be room for bargaining with the dealer. Ask for discounts or reduced prices on used tires. You may be able to save even more by doing this.

The Disadvantages of Buying Used Tires

A reputable tire shop can be hard to find. Be sure to deal with a local shop that has been in business for years and will stand behind its products. Ask if there’s any type of guarantee on the tires and check them out thoroughly yourself. Most tire shops perform an inspection before placing used tires for sale, but it never hurts to check for yourself.


Used tires are often the best choice in situations such as buying tires for a lease that’s about to be returned. Used tires are also a great idea if you have a teenager in the house who is hard on tires. You can save money and still get a dependable set of tires.

Used Tires West Palm Beach, FL

Used Tires West Palm Beach FL

Deals on Wheels has a huge inventory of new and used tires in West Palm Beach, FL. We are a trusted tire dealer that offers low prices on our products and services. All used tires that we offer have undergone necessary quality assurance test to make sure they’re still in excellent quality and good to use for several more years. If you are not sure how to choose the right tires for your vehicle, don’t worry. Our expert staff can help you! Just give us a call today or visit our shop to discuss your needs.

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