We all dread having to put new tires on our car but Deals on Wheels has a solution for that dilemma: used tires. Our inventory of exceptional used tires is huge and our prices are low. That means you can get more tire for your tire buying dollar. A great set of used tires could last for years and save you hundreds of dollars.

$10 off Alignment Purchase 4 Used Tires
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Buying new tires for your car or truck doesn’t always make sense.  For instance, if you have a teenager in the house who is tough of tires, then purchasing brand new expensive tires might be a bad investment. Used tires are also great for a lease car that is due to be returned soon.

Used Tires

With the sluggish economy still in recovery, many people are searching for ways to cut corners and save money. But having a dependable set of tires on your car is important for your family’s safety. At Deals on Wheels, we’ve got you covered. We can hook you up with reliable tires that will give you years of terrific service while fitting nicely within your budget.

Deals on Wheels has thousands of quality used tires in their inventory and every one of them has passed the Deals Quality Assurance Test. They are fully guaranteed and we include those extras like balancing, stem valves and rotation in our price.

Used Tires

This might be just the right time to buy a flashy new set of wheels.  Ask about one of our tire and rim packages. This can save you even more money, plus it will definitely improve the appearance and value of your ride. We stock all the major brands and can locate those hard-to-find items as well.

Amazing Deals on Used Tires

At Deals on Wheels we’re proud of our exceptional reputation as a tire shop where you can always get a fair price, great service and dependable wheels and tires. And don’t forget about our new auto repair services. We can perform expert wheel alignment, brake repairs and front end work at low prices.

We’re proud to be South Florida’s number one tire shop. Stop by and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians about a good set of used tires for your vehicle.