RV TiresRecreation Vehicle Tires with cheap prices and discount tires can be a great idea if you are hard-pressed for cash at the moment but still need quality tires for your car or truck. We all find ourselves in that type of situation from time to time. These days life can get expensive, but worn-out tires are dangerous. If you spend a lot of time on the road commuting every week, then you risk having a blowout. Is it really worth taking that chance?

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Deals on Wheels always has quality tires for sale and you can usually find your size in just the right tire. Our West Palm Beach tire shop has been around for a long time and we have some of the lowest prices in town. You can get a great price on cheap tires that don’t look or wear cheap. Our exceptional stock of discount tires also includes free mounting, balancing, tire disposal & upper stem valves.

Correct Size Tire for my Vehicle

The best way to determine your vehicle’s tire size is to refer to the Original Equipment Manufacturers’s (OEM) specification. It is affixed to the vehicle in various locations.

To learn more about tire sizes for your vehicle, call Deals on Wheel   Determining the Correct Size for your Vehicle.

Typical tire size specifications can be found in these locations on your vehicle:

RV Tires

RV Tires


An alternate way to determine your tire size is to refer to your vehicles tires sidewall:

RV Tires

Refer to your Original Equipment Manufacturers listed tire specifications. In addition, you can refer to RVTires.com Determining the Correct Size for Your Vehicle to learn more about determining the correct tire for your vehicle.


Discount Recreation Vehicle Tires

Deals on Wheels stands behind its products and services with the support that can’t be beaten.  We sell all the popular brands of tires and wheels and we give your excellent pricing on tire and wheel combos. Regardless of what kind of car, truck, or SUV you drive, we can set you up with some truly dependable tires and even a flashy new set of wheels that will change the way your recreational vehicle looks and rides.

Cheap Recreation Vehicle Tires for your Vehicle

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These days, people are keeping their cars a lot longer. That’s due to the sluggish economy and high prices. The average person just can’t afford the high price of a brand new car. The moment you drive it off the lot, it loses about a third of its value to boot. Instead, many drivers are fixing up their old car and keeping it around for a few extra years. If you are thinking about trading soon though, cheap tires are a really good answer. You won’t have near the financial investment in your discount tires and you will still have some good rubber on the road.

Why drive all over West Palm Beach looking for good used tires when you can simply visit Deals on Wheels and get exactly what you need without breaking the bank? Come see us soon and you’ll understand why we’re number one.

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