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Car Air Filter
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You probably can’t recall the last time you checked your car’s air filter. This is one of those remote jobs that drivers just don’t fool with unless they’re having some problem. Just think of all the dirt and debris your air filter has to cope with each year. There’s salt from those long winters where the roads have frozen over and been salted to prevent skidding. There’s regular grime, dust and dirt from highway driving. In addition, there’s lots of mud and filth anytime there’s a rain storm.

The result can be an air filter that’s clogged with all kinds of debris. Once it is clogged, your gas mileage will go down. Though most experts recommend only changing the air filter every 12,000 miles, if you customarily drive over dirt roads in especially dirty areas or in bad weather, it’s important to change them more often. The best news is that changing an air filter is fairly easy and inexpensive. Normally, you can get a good brand for under $20. Even if you had to change it twice a year, that would be very nominal.

There are numerous benefits to keeping a clean, unobstructed air filter on your car. Check out a few of them below:

  • Fewer harmful emissions- protect the air quality by keeping your car running smoothly.
  • Better gas mileage – tests have shown a 10% increase in fuel efficiency.
  • Prolonged engine life – keep the dirt and debris out of your engine and it will last years longer.

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Just as you should change your home’s air filter twice a year, your car’s should also be changed. And it’s a pretty easy job. On most cars, it’s located on top of the engine – it’s one of the first things you see when you open the hood. There are usually clamps holding it down. Simply loose those and remove the old filter. Discard it properly, then insert the new one. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, ask the mechanic to change the air filter next time you get an oil change.

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