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When Do Cars Need Tire Balancing?

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Tire Balancing West Palm Beach, FL
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Many drivers can tell when their tires need balancing due to that very recognizable vibration in the steering wheel. But today’s newer cars and tires have technology that can change things for the better or worse. Today’s vehicles are much lighter than older cars, making odd noises and vibrations easier to discern. Tire technology has changed a lot as well. Many tires have a lower profile and are more responsive.

This means that even if your car is only slightly out of balance, you may still feel it. This can be a good thing though. If you’ll get to a tire shop and have things checked out right away, you can prevent uneven tire wear and save that expensive set of tires on your car. A mere half an ounce of uneven weight distribution can sometimes be felt on newer model cars.

How Do Tires Get Out of Balance?

With normal highway and city driving, it might take years for your tires to get out of balance, but what about other types of driving and drivers? Teen age drivers can be hard on a car. They might stop and start quickly or drive over rough, off-road areas. Driving down unpaved roads can cause wheel alignment problems, along with erratic driving.  If you have a young driver in the house, then your cars may need wheel alignment more often.

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Your work might require you to carry heavy loads such as those in the construction industry. Adding hundreds of pounds of weight to your car can also be a culprit, especially if you do this week in and week out. This can even shorten the life of shocks and suspension.

Regular Maintenance

Rotating your tires regularly can help, and this might be a good time to have your wheel alignment checked out by a pro. Just like regular oil changes, getting your tires rotated, balanced and aligned can extend the life of your vehicle and help you get and keep a smooth ride. Think of your car as a huge investment that you’ll want to protect with regular maintenance.

Tire Balancing West Palm Beach FL

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