What Are Run-Flat Tires?

Run-Flat TiresRun-Flat tires are a newer technology that can provide you with some additional safety benefits in case of a blow-out or a flat tire. These tires allow you to drive a few more miles even when they already got punctured. They can be really helpful in keeping you safe in some emergency situations. They’re available for all vehicle classes. You can drive at least 50 miles on a run-flat, giving you time to get to a gas station or tire shop and get help. These types of tires do have a few drawbacks and one of them is rolling resistance. 

How Do Run-Flat Tires Work?

Tire manufactures use a support ring inside the tire that allows it to keep going even after it’s gone flat. As mentioned above, the rolling resistance can prevent you from getting a smooth ride and optimum gas mileage.

Cool Technology

A cooling fin found on the side of run-flat tires is used to increase air flow to tire surface while it’s rolling. This cooling effect decreases the likelihood of a dangerous blowout. Additionally, scientifically engineered beads help to maintain the connection between the wheel and tire so it doesn’t fly off.

The Downside

You can tell when run-flat tires have been punctured and need attention. They will feel spongy when you’re driving.  The problems arise when drivers don’t know right away that their tire has gone flat and drive the car too far. The other concern is whenever a driver just doesn’t want to deal with the flat tire so they try to keep driving without getting it fixed. This will ruin your tire and may damage your wheel.

Automobiles are one of those things that should get immediate attention when something doesn’t sound or look right. If you ignore an odd engine sound or a spongy feeling tire, then the problem can quickly escalate becoming more expensive and even dangerous. Because they cost a little more, many drivers do not buy them when replacing a worn-out tire. A few auto manufacturers have stopped using them as well for the same reasons.

Run-Flat Tires

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