Used Specialty Tires

Used Tires West Palm Beach FL

Deals on Wheels has a huge supply of used specialty tires on hand at all times. We handle all brands and sizes of used truck tires, used mud tires and used off road tires. These are name brand tires in exceptional condition. Each used tire in our stock undergoes the quality assurance test so we can make certain that it will give you years of wear and tear.

Used Specialty Tires West Palm Beach FL

In south Florida, drivers often need used specialty tires for going into areas like the Everglades. There are some gorgeous places to visit where you can enjoy a fun day but treacherous areas like this can be hard on your family car. That’s why so many take an older SUV or truck out for recreation in the Everglades and similar locales.

Great Used Specialty Tires

With used truck tires, used mud tires or used off road tires, you can enjoy the day without worrying about ruining an expensive new tire.  If you drive an older vehicle like a truck or SUV, used tires are a great buy for it. They give you the same solid performance, years of service and if you should damage a tire while traveling along some isolated back roads trail, you won’t be out hundreds of dollars to replace it.

Looking for a Deal on Used Truck Tires?

At Deals on Wheels, we are south Florida tire and rim experts and can help you choose just the right new or used tire for your truck or any vehicle. We offer low prices that include balancing, free mounting, and upper stem valves. Plus, we never charge a tire disposal fee. Our team is knowledgeable and they know tires and rims.

Specials on Used Mud Tires

For the best prices on used mud tires or used off road tires, come to Deals on Wheels. We usually have at least 3,000 used tires on hand in all shapes and sizes. If you love off-road recreational activities, then you know how fast you can go through a set of tires. There’s really no need to pay hundreds of dollars per tire, when you can get a whole set pretty cheap at Deals on Wheels.

Used Specialty Tires

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