Types of Tires and What’s Best For Your Vehicle

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Begin by defining your driving habits. Most of us drive our cars to work each day. Some people spend more time on freeways than others. More drivers now travel for their employer. If you live in south Florida, then you might work for a company in Orlando that requires you to go there monthly for meetings. Once you understand how you will mostly be using your vehicle, you’re ready to select the best tires for it.

Your budget may also be a concern. Most of us don’t have unlimited resources. If you want a really expensive tire and don’t have the budget for it, then consider buying used tires. Your driving style is also a factor. Young drivers often stop and start abruptly. They tend to be much harder on their car including its tires than older drivers.

Types of Tires

Types of Tires

Passenger Car and Minivan Tires

Tires for this category often emphasize benefits like dependability, a comfortable ride, performance, longevity and traction in a variety of weather conditions. The “P” on a sidewall indicates that it’s for passenger vehicles.  An “LT” means light-truck tires.  A minivan that is being used for hauling and other work purposes might require light truck tires for durability.

Touring Tires

Touring tires provide excellent ride quality and have a slightly lower profile than passenger tires. This offers improved handling and stability at high speeds. If you are traveling several hundred miles per week, then this tire will give you the most comfortable ride.

High-Performance and Ultra High-Performance Tires

These tires usually have higher speed ratings and wider treads. They provide good handling at high speeds around corners and over rough terrain. To get the most out of these tires, it’s important to also have ultra-high-performance vehicle suspension.

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Get Advice from an Expert

If you’re confused by all the numbers and variables, then talk to a tire expert. Usually, you can just tell the technician what type of vehicle you have, your budget, and your driving habits and they can easily locate a tire that’s perfect for your needs.

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