Does Tire Size Affect the Accuracy of Speedometers?

Tire SizeTire Size Matters in Getting Great Gas Mileage

Many drivers are concerned with getting great gas mileage these days and your tire size can definitely affect that. But does the tire size affect the accuracy of your speedometer? Since so many drivers are installing over-sized wheels and/or tires, this is a question we get a lot.

It is true in many cases that installing tires with a different overall diameter than that of Original Equipment tires can affect the accuracy of your car’s speedometer as well as the odometer. Our sales team can recommend a tire size that compliments your vehicle, gives you good performance and handling but provides the chic look you’re after.

If purchasing taller tires that recommended for your SUV or light truck, then it’s a good idea to verify the accuracy of speedometer. This issue has been known to cause drivers to get a ticket for speeding. There are several good ways to check the speedometer and odometer accuracy on your vehicle.

You can have a friend drive just behind you for a couple of miles and tell you what their speedometer and odometer recorded, then compare it to your own results. You can also travel down an open highway and record the number of seconds it takes to go from one mile marker to the next. Most smartphones have an easy-to-use stopwatch function.

On the chart below, find the number of seconds it took your vehicle to travel a mile. This is the true average road speed of your car. For best results, perform this test several times.


Secs per Mile Speed
50 72 mph
55 65
60 60
70 51

Getting the Best Gas Mileage

To get the best performance from your automobile, it’s best to make sure your tires are inflated properly. The weather and road conditions can affect your car’s overall performance as well. Your gas mileage can also be affected by things like tire size, road conditions and tire inflation. When you keep your tires properly inflated and the wheels in good alignment, you’ll enjoy much better gas mileage.

Deals on Wheels offers expert advice when choosing wheel and tire sizes. We also offer wheel alignment now along with other auto repair services. As with all our products and services, you get a great guarantee and fast service.

Tire Size

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