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Tire Safety Check for Summer Road Trips

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Summer vacation can be fun but it’s no fun to be broke down in a strange town with a flat tire. Before taking off on a summer road trip, you should perform a few simple tire safety checks:

Tire Safety

  • Change the oil in your car.
  • Make sure the radiator is in good shape and full of water/coolant.
  • Check the tires.
  • Give it a good cleaning, paying special attention to insides and outsides of windows.

Tire Safety Check

The tires are probably the most important thing for getting safely to your destination. And don’t forget to check the spare. Many people forget this one small thing, then when they are stranded out on a highway with a flat, they find there’s no air in the spare or parts of the jack are missing.

Make sure you have everything you need to change a tire and that includes a jack. If you aren’t familiar with how to change a flat tire, then be sure your owner’s manual is in the glove box. It explains in detail with photos how to change a flat tire.

Check your air pressure. If your air is low, this can cause damage to tires and poor gas mileage. You can find out the recommended pressure for any tire at the manufacturer’s website or at a local tire shop.

Check the tread depth. This is fairly easy to do using the penny method. Simply stick a shiny penny in between tire tread holding it at the bottom.  If any portion of Lincoln’s head is showing, then the tires are okay. You should do the penny test at several places around the tire.

Check for bulges. Sometimes we run over a curb or road debris and damage a tire without even realizing it. Go out on a bright sunny day and walk around the car, stooping to carefully examine each tire with your hands. Occasionally, we all get nails and screws in our tires that only cause a slight loss of air over time. Look for abnormalities of any kind.

Being stranded on a highway is very dangerous nowadays. Other motorists might not see you and run you down, plus thieves often take advantage of those broken down along the roadway. To avoid these dangers, make sure you’re fully prepared when taking long trips. By taking a few tire safety precautions, you can securely get to your destination.

Deals on Wheels is the leading tire dealer in West Palm Beach, Florida. We have different types of packages for all your tire needs to help you save on costs. Our expert mechanics can also help check on your tires’ conditions to make sure they’re good to go for your summer road trip. Call us today to discuss your tire or auto-related concerns!

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