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Tire Maintenance Tips: Checking Your Spare Tires

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Good, reliable tires are the best way to ensure that you’ll get where you’re going on time and safely, but many of us just don’t pay much attention to our tires. This is even more true of the spare tire. When’s the last time you looked in the trunk to make sure your spare tire has air in it? Air can escape over the course of time leaving you in the lurch when you finally do need it.

Check Your Spare Tires

Spare Tires
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With summer finally in full swing, many people are taking off on vacation and millions of Americans drive instead of flying these days. We remember to pack our bathing suit, sunscreen and flip flops but we often forget to check the spare tire.  Before taking off on any long trip, you should open the trunk of your car and make sure the spare is there and that it is fully aired up. Next you should check to make sure that all parts of the jack are there and in good working order. It’s also a good idea to take along your owner’s manual.

If you haven’t changed a flat in a while or you’ve traded your car off recently, then you may not be sure where to place the jack when changing a flat. Normally, it goes under the driver’s side frame about midway from the front to the back. There’s a hard spot there that has been specially reinforced so that it will hold the weight of the car.

Canned Fix-a-Flat

Some people take canned Fix-a-Flat with them on long trips so that they don’t have to fix a flat tire. This can save lots of time but it can also ruin your tire. If you have fairly new and/or expensive tires, then this is not recommended.

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The little things that we so easily forget can save so much time and frustration in the event of an emergency or a blowout. They can also give us peace of mind. In case you do have a flat, pull all the way off the highway and put your emergency flashers on, then get out only when it’s safe to do so. Open the trunk and place flares at the back and front of the car. Or just call for emergency roadside assistance. This is often included on many auto insurance policies and it’s the best way to handle a highway emergency.

Spare Tires

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