The Benefits of LED Light Bars For Vehicles

LED Light Bars West Palm Beach FL

The LED Light Bar

LED Light Bars West Palm Beach FL
By Brett Levin from Parkland, USA (2008 Ford Escape Limited Sport Shoot) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The LED Light Bar began as a popular piece of equipment for diesel truck owners. Though it looks cool, it also serves the purpose of giving the trucks better visibility on the highways at night. Gradually, the idea has caught on with pick-up truck owners and even some car owners. The LED light bar is a light emitting diode or semiconductor diode that projects light outward using electroluminescence. This type of lighting is used in homes, cars, electronics and at the workplace now.

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The Benefits of Using LED Light Bars On Vehicles

Since LED lighting does not have those old-fashioned filaments that regular light bulbs use, they do not malfunction as often. LED lighting is very cheap to use and long-lasting. They come in all sizes from 4 inches to 50 inches or more. Many companies are marketing these now so it’s fairly easy to find the perfect size for your ride. Be sure to measure the area where you are planning to insert the LED light. Truckers often put them in the truck’s grill or on the bumper.

You can find vehicle-specific mounting brackets for installation, but many people recommend having them installed by a pro. If you’re considering using a large LED light or putting it in an unusual location, then hiring a professional to install it might be best.

LED light bars have two unique beam patterns: flood or spot. The spot beam pattern is great for lighting the road for a long distance. The flood pattern illuminates a broader field of view. In choosing one, take into consideration your primary goal for installing it. It may be possible to find an LED light that offers both flood and spot lighting.

Comply With DOT Regulations When Using LED Light Bars on Vehicles

Be sure that your light is legal. If you’re not certain, ask a mechanic at a reputable garage about this. You may need a light cover in order to comply with DOT regulations. These regulations vary by state though. The covers do sometimes offer additional benefits. For instance, the amber light cover can improve visibility in snow and dust storms.

If you’re using an LED light on an Off-road vehicle, then it should help tremendously with visibility even in poor conditions, such as a rain storm.

LED Light Bars West Palm Beach FL

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