SUV Tires

SUV Tires

SUVs really began to gain popularity in the 1990’s and today they’re appreciated for their class, convenience and comfort. Like all other four-wheel drive vehicles, SUV tires should be changed regularly to maintain the vehicle’s safety. Without the right tires, your SUV will simply not perform at its best. Tire rating for SUVs are based on emergency and corner management, brake performance, ability to avoid hydroplaning and dry road traction, among other factors, and all season tires are the most popular choice for SUVs.

Unlike standard passenger car tires, SUV tires are designed to handle a larger impact, which is certainly important if you’re driving with children. Unfortunately, they also do not last as long as standard car tires.

 Choosing the Right Type of SUV Tires

At Deals on Wheels, you’ll find dozens of popular manufacturers and styles of tires, but which SUV tires will work best for you? Start by figuring out how you use your SUV. If it’s mainly for driving on dry pavement around town, all season tires are a good choice as they are meant to handle a number of elements like rain or snow. If you go off-roading, an all terrain tire is a better option. Choosing the right type of tires will ensure they last as long as possible and perform well.

What is Load Index?

Another important aspect to consider when buying SUV tires is the load index, which is the maximum amount of weight the tires can handle. Make sure you choose tires that match the load index of the tires your SUV was equipped with originally, either by checking the tire or your owner’s manual. By choosing the right load size, you’ll avoid overloading the tires, which can damage your SUV by putting unnecessary pressure on the tires.

SUV Tires

Tread Wear on SUV Tires

Finally, remember that most all season tires have a tread life rating of 50,000 to 70,000 miles, which is pretty amazing considering how large and heavy SUVs are. All terrain tires, on the other hand, may not even come with a warranty or mileage rating, simply because of the uncertainty of how the tires will be used and abused. If you still have questions, call or stop by Deals on Wheels. We are here to serve all your tire needs.

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