Summer Tires for Hot Weather

Summer TiresUnlike summer tires, all-season tires are most common today because they do everything reasonably well. Even though they don’t excel at anything in particular, they can handle wet, icy and hot driving conditions with the same dependability. In Florida, tires can really take a beating because of the consistently hot weather. Many drivers wonder whether they should purchase a tire that’s specifically for hot weather driving conditions. The answer is a bit complex.

The height of a tire’s sidewall is known as its profile. All-season tires usually fall in the middle. Tires specially designed for hot summer driving tend to have tread patterns that shed water and prevent hydroplaning. The main goal of a good summer tire is to maximize the surface area that makes contact with the pavement.

A summer tire is often manufactured with a rubber compound that is softer than an all-season tire. This is done so that the rubber will conform better to the ridges, divots, bumps and uneven surfaces you often find on most roadways. The channels on the tread pattern may be narrower and more shallow. Overall, tire grip on dry surfaces tends to increase with wear, even with all-season tires.

Summer Tires

Summer tires have come a long way over the past few years and today, manufacturers try to provide the sharp steering response and higher grip that sport-driving enthusiasts love so much. By and large though, summer tires are soft when the weather is warm but in low temperatures, the rubber hardens making them a bit dangerous on icy roads.

Summer Tires

The bottom line answer is that if you drive around the south Florida area 90% of the time, then investing in a summer tire might be a good idea. If you travel into colder areas periodically, then an all-season tire would be the best bet. If you still have questions, be sure to drop by Deals on Wheels. We are centrally located in the West Palm Beach area and worth the drive from anywhere in south Florida.

We have a huge selection of new and used tires and now offer numerous auto repair services like wheel alignment, brake replacement & repair and front end work.

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