Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Tire Replacement

Well, it would seem fairly simple to tell when your need tire replacement … right? But this isn’t always true. Tire replacement can sneak up on you and involve several different issues. It’s not always about worn tires that look bald. Generally speaking, tires should be replaced when the tread depth is no longer appropriate for local weather conditions.

Tire ReplacementThough most of Florida rarely gets icy weather, it does often get rain and heat. The asphalt on most highways can reach temps of well over 100 degrees. In Wisconsin last year, the heat caused the road surface to buckle and an SUV hit the raised highway and went flying over the side. Thankfully, no one was injured but the temperature that day was only 95 degrees. Keeping good, solid rubber on our cars is the best protection against a freak accident like this.

Most experts believe tire replacement should be done when tread reaches about 4/32” of remaining tread depth. This number does vary depending upon road conditions and your own driving habits. Obviously, if you commute back and forth to work using a major highway, your tires will wear out much faster than if you are just driving around town. All these things should be taken into consideration when thinking about tire replacement.

Tire Replacement West Palm Beach

Though cuts and punctures in your tires can easily be repaired, it may decrease the life of the tire. Punctures in the sidewall almost always mean that the tire will have to be replaced. Another big issue is driving with tire pressure that’s too low. This will permanently weaken your tire’s internal structure and dramatically shorten the life of tires.

Tire Replacement

Tire Problems

Though this has become kind of a popular fad, be aware that your tires will wear out very quickly if you drive around with low inflation. Tires can sometimes get blisters, bubbles and bulges. These form for various reasons. This can occur because of hitting a curb or pothole. Driving over bumpy roads is another big culprit and this will also cause your wheels to move out of alignment as well.

Deals on Wheels always has the best prices in south Florida on new and used tires. We stock all the major brands and can even perform wheel alignment, fix brakes and do front end work. We’ll get you in and out fast and while you’re here, be sure to ask about a tire and rim package deal. Tire replacement is a snap at Deals on Wheels.

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