Proper Tire Care Can Save Lives

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 11,000 crashes occur each year because of problems with tires. In many subsequent interviews, drivers talk about how they lost control of the vehicle long enough that it caused the accident. Accident reports confirm that bad tires or poorly inflated tires were the culprits.

Tire Issues That Cause Accidents

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Experts say that in some cases, vehicles have different size tires on the front and back and this causes issues. A car can be harder to steer and take longer braking time when tire sizes are mixed. These factors combined with older, worn tires can be very dangerous. In most emergencies on the highways, drivers only have a few split seconds to assess the situation and figure out what to do. With worn out tires, your time is reduced even more and you may not have enough to make the right decision.

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Because of the rise in vehicle accidents involving bad tires, the US DOT and the NHTSA have launched educational campaigns to teach drivers the importance of taking care of tires.  Their recommendations include:

  • Tire Pressure: Check tire pressure each month. Cars can be harder to handle when tire pressure is off and this is an easy fix.
  • Tire Buying: Do your research or get information from a local reputable tire shop about types and sizes of tires.  It’s very trendy now to use over- or under-sized tires but this can make your car very hard to steer.
  • Tire Aging: All drivers are sometimes negligent about tire age. It may seem like just last year that you put new tires on your vehicle, but it’s not unusual for us to think it’s only been a year when it’s actually been over two years. Tires can get punctures, bulges, nails and screws and they can wear unevenly.
  • Treadwear: One of the major reasons for excessive tread wear is hard driving on unusual surfaces, like dirt roads. Another is low tire pressure. Still a third is poor wheel alignment. Get in the habit of checking tires from time to time to make sure they’re wearing evenly and there are no bald spots.
  • The Temperature: This does affect tire wear. In Florida where it’s usually sunny and warm, the rubber on tires stays softer and more pliable. In some situations, this can make road handling tougher. Be aware of the effect that road temps have on tires.

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