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Performance Tires

Performance tires give you some awesome benefits that many drivers crave. For instance, you can accelerate quicker, brake shorter and take those hard turns with no problem. A high performance auto needs high performance tires, but they’re not all the same. Some do better in icy or wet weather than others, so this is a good point to bear in mind when deciding on which performance tires to buy.

Low Profile Tires

Performance TiresLow profile tires have a short sidewall providing crisper handling but they also give you a rougher ride. You may feel more of those bumps and chug holes. These are a hot trend right now in the automotive industry and you’ll see low profile tires on everything from the family car to expensive sports cars.  Generally speaking, they are less expensive that the norm and will give you better tread wear.

Racing tires

Racing tires are not just for the race track anymore. Many auto owners are creating an all-new vibe by putting racing tires on their car or truck. The traditional racing tire has little or no tread and is often referred to as a “racing slick”. Mickey Thompson and Hoosier are popular brands, but just about every manufacturer now produces some type of racing tires.

Cheap Low Profile Tires

If you’re thinking of buying cheap low profile tires, be sure to get the right size. Low profile tires reduce the amount of rubber between the road and the wheel. This tire performs well on certain road types such as a winding mountain road and it gives you a quicker stop. Remember that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. At Deal on Wheels we can get you into a great set of these that won’t break the bank.

Performance Tires

Get More for your Money

Deals on Wheels can fix you up with all the major brands of performance tires at economical prices. Whether you’re looking for low profile tires, racing tires or high performance tires, we give you more for your tire-buying dollar. We stand behind every product we sell and we include all the extras like tire balancing, tire disposal, and upper stems in our price.

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