Off Road Tires

Off Road TiresOff road tires are designed to follow you through anything by handling any type of terrain, whether it’s muddy back roads or deep snow. If you drive through rough terrains, off road tires will help you do it safely. A common misconception is that it’s the size of the tire that distinguishes an off road tire from a regular tire and, while larger tires do offer better performance off road, size is not the defining characteristic. More important than size is the depth of the tread, as off road tires are thicker with deeper treads to improve traction and avoid damage.

Types of Off Road Tires

There are two basic types of off road tires: radial and bias ply off road tires. Bias off road tires feature a variable tread pattern, which helps them dig deeper into mud and dirt. They also have a lower air pressure, which means they shed mud and other residue easier. Radial off road tires are much more common, and most off road tires made today are this variety. They offer more support and a smoother ride when you’re driving on pavement, but they’re more expensive.

All Terrain Tires

If you plan to go driving off-road only occasionally and spend most of your time on the roads, all terrain tires may be a better option. All terrain tires are basically the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Some may have a focus on off- or on-road performance, and these tires are able to handle everyday driving as well as moderate off-road conditions, and offer great traction in snow, gravel, dirt and more. While they won’t perform as well as specialized off road tires, all terrain tires offer even wear, improved durability and greater longevity.

Road Tires

Deals on Wheels stocks thousands of all terrain and off road tires to suit any driving conditions. Our specialists can help you understand the types of tires available today and choose something that will match your driving for improved performance and safety. We also stock over 3,000 used tires daily, including cheap off road tires and all terrain tires, to stock your truck or car at a price you can afford!

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