Mud Tires

Mud Tires

Have you ever been forced to pull your SUV or truck out of a mud pit? If you find yourself off-roading fairly often in the mud, a simple solution to this problem is mud tires. Mud tires, or mud-terrain tires, are designed especially for traversing muddy surfaces and they’re made with unique features that improve treading capacity. They’re also available to fit many vehicles, although they’re mostly used for trucks or all terrain vehicles (ATVs).

You’ll notice right away that mud tires have a large, altered tread pattern, much like what you’d see on a caterpillar track. This tread allows the tire to easily move through mud, rain or other wet elements without losing grip. The tread may be in jagged or straight lines, and they may be inches deep. This deep tread allows mud tires to hold and withstand more mud, digging into the surface and then clearing quickly.

Mud Tires Aren’t For Every Situation!

Because mud tires have a very blocky tread, they don’t perform well on dry or flat road. They cannot offer the stability or balance necessary for driving fast on a sable surface due to the large tread openings, and their reduced tire surface means they will have less traction on a flat road. They will also make loud noise on dry terrain because the irregular surface hits the round and causes air to whistle around the tires.

Mud tires are best reserved for utility purposes to help you get better traction in rough terrain and get you out of a sticky, muddy ditch every time.

Cheap Mud Tires

Mud Tires

Finding high-quality cheap mud tires can be tough, but Deals on Wheels works hard to perfect the tire buying experience and offer you the cheap mud tires you need without sacrificing quality. We can work with any budget, so let us know the price range you’d like to stay within and our professionals will help you select mud tires that will deliver! We even offer a wide selection of used, mud tires cheap and mud terrain tires. We carry more than 3,000 used tires everyday.

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