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Why It’s Dangerous To Drive With Worn Tires

Worn tires can cause several serious issues that many drivers may not be aware of. The number one problem is maneuverability. Losing control of your vehicle could result in a dangerous accident. Under normal driving conditions, a little tire wear might not be a big deal but what if it’s raining or icy? What if a driver suddenly pulls out in front of you? You must be prepared under every type of circumstance.

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Hot Roadways

Another problem that South Florida drivers often experience is heat build-up. The roads and highways stay at a constantly warm temp, meaning that tire rubber will stay soft and pliable. Heat is the enemy of tires and often the cause of failure.

Tire Damage

Thicker tire treads protect you against puncture. When tread is worn, it’s so much easier for nails, screws and pieces of glass to puncture your tires. When this happens on a highway, the result can be a dangerous blowout where you lose control.

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Wet Roadways

Another huge problem for Florida drivers is hydroplaning. A big rain shower can loosen up the oils and dirt on roadways and make hydroplaning an even bigger problem. The deeper your treads, the more your tires can grasp the road.  This in turn, offers much better control in all driving conditions.

Low Tire Pressure

The last problem with worn tires is air leakage. Older tires lose more air and this can decrease your gas mileage. It can also affect braking and steering. Tires lose a little air every day with normal use, but older tires lose more. You must stay on top of the air pressure to ensure that it’s not too low when your tires are older.

If you’ve noticed that your tires are worn and you just can’t afford a new set right now then take a look at used tires. Most reputable tire shops do thorough tests on any used tires before placing them up for sale. They often come with some type of guarantee as well. This is a great solution for teen drivers or lease returns as well. You can often get a much better grade of tire for half the price.

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