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Common Causes of Tire Noises

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Tire NoiseDrivers often hear tire noises and think there’s something wrong with their tires. If you aren’t sure and the noise begins suddenly out of nowhere, then you should definitely have it checked out, but some tire noises are common especially with certain brands of tires. Tire noises can be classified by groups and are discussed below:

Pattern Noise

Pattern noise is quite common. This actually occurs when air gets trapped within the tread pattern and then is suddenly released as your car moves along a roadway.  There’s no real cure for this as it is simply a result of pattern design.


Squealing occurs sometimes when cornering at relatively high speeds. You will also notice squealing when taking off too fast or stopping too fast. This type of driving can be hard on tires so slow down.

Road Noises

You may have noticed that driving on certain road types simply produces more noise. If a road’s surface is rough or has grooves in it, you can expect more noise. Asphalt is a material often used for road surfacing but you will notice a distinct noise when driving on it.

Elastic Vibration Noise

This sound is produced when tire treads are not uniform. If your tires are worn more on one side, which happens when the front end alignment is off, you will notice this noise. The best cure is to rotate tires every 7,500 miles and keep the front end in alignment.

Slip Noise

Noise can be produced by tread movement and slippage, especially on certain road surfaces. This often occurs in snow and ice. Basically, the ABS system is working with the traction control to keep tires rolling. This noise is worse with worn or unevenly worn tires.

Tire Noise

If you’ve been noticing a strange noise from your tires, then it’s best to get it checked out. Though some tire noises are very common, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  You may have a knot on one of your tires. Sometimes we can get a small amount of damage to tire wells and the inside metal will scrape against the tires when cornering.

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