5 Tips to Maximize Car Air Conditioning Operation

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You may not be thinking about your car’s air conditioning unit right now but this is a good time to have it checked out and fully serviced before the long, hot days ahead. During the long, warm Florida summers, your car has to work hard to keep you cool and it does require some servicing from time to time. Below are some tips to keep your A/C functioning properly.

Air Conditioning Tips
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Tip #1

Try to leave the windows down slightly so that heat doesn’t build up so much. With the windows all the way up, your car’s interior temperature can easily reach 120 degrees or more. Cooling it down will require the air conditioner to work doubly hard.

Tip #2

Once inside the car, open all the windows right away and leave them open for few minutes until all the worst of the hot air is out. Once the A/C is blowing cool air, it’s okay to put the windows up.

Tip #3

When you first turn on the air conditioner, set the blower speed to high, lower the windows and the hot air will be evacuated more quickly.

Tip #4

Use the outside air mode once a week instead of the “recirculate” setting. This helps to clear out any musty-smelling air. You may need to have the unit’s filter changed if the mildew odor persists.

Tip #5

Have a professional service your car’s air conditioner about once a year to keep it running smoothly. Most newer cars use a refrigerant called R-134a, which should be added by a pro. They’ll also check your compressor, condenser and hoses to make sure everything is working optimally.

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Diagnosing Other Problems

If you notice that the air isn’t as cold as it should be, then this means that the air conditioner is low on Freon. If the air flow seems diminished, a hose might have come loose. If the air conditioner has stopped working, it can be something small like a fuse or something big like the compressor. Ask around town and find a reliable professional and take the car in for service. Be sure to ask for an estimate of charges before authorizing any work on the unit.

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