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Tire safety is pretty important.  There’s a whole lot of information out there these days about maintaining your tires and while some of it is good information, others will steer you in the wrong direction.  With the many highway accidents and pile-ups happening so frequently nowadays, you need great tires and excellent brakes to avoid a crash. Below are few tips and some myths that can keep you on the right track.

Myth #1

Canned flat fixer products are okay to use on tires. Actually, most major tire manufacturers agree that this product will harm tires and void the warranty. In addition, these cans have been known to explode if left in a hot car or trunk, leaving everything coated in a sticky mess. Only use this product in an emergency.

Tire Safety
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Myth #2

You can simply re-inflate a tire that has been used with low air pressure and no significant damage will occur.  This is also not true. Once you’ve run a tire without the correct air pressure for a long time, the rubber becomes weak and unstable. It should be replaced. You could have a blow out at any time.

Myth #3

As long as you have some tread design left, a tire is safe to use. Under certain driving conditions, it’s best to replace tires once they get to a certain age or amount of wear. The hot Florida sunshine tends to break down the rubber more quickly so that it’s squishy. In colder climates, the rubber tends to get hard and crack. Weather conditions should be factored in when deciding about replacing tires.

Good Tips To Tire Safety

Keep your tires properly inflated at all times. This will improve the life of the tire and your gas mileage. Rotating tires regularly is also a great way to prevent uneven wear. Most manufacturers recommend rotating tires every 6,000 miles.  The “Penny Test” is still a good way to check your tread and see if it’s time to replace tires. Simply place a penny between treads, holding it upside down. If part of Lincoln’s head is covered by the treads, then your tires are okay.

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Tire Safety

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