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What to Do When You Get a Flat Tire on the Highway

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Many times you hear of someone being killed who pulled off the road to repair a flat tire. Though flats are inevitable, there are some important rules we should all obey that can save our lives. On most highways, traffic is traveling at least 60 mph. If you step into oncoming traffic, there’s no way anyone will be able to stop. Even if they slam on the brakes … and most will do this if they see you … there still isn’t time to stop before hitting you.

Safety Measures

  1. Pull over on a road or highway as far as possible.
  2. Never open your car door to oncoming traffic. Look carefully before opening the door to get out. Even though you may be well off the road, remember that many drivers are texting and talking on the phone now. They aren’t watching the traffic the way that drivers used to. Don’t expect them to see you.
  3. If you have a blow-out, slow down and carefully change lanes. Grip the steering wheel with both hands; the car will be hard to handle. Be sure to use turn signals and/or emergency flashers.
  4. Once you are safely off the road, set up hazard cones or flares if possible. Anything you can do to help you and your car be more visible will also help to ensure your safety.

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Call For Assistance

As you are removing your spare tire and jack, keep an eye on the traffic. If you don’t feel safe or if it’s after dark, it’s often best to stay in your car and call for help. Many auto insurance plans include a roadside assistance program. Normally, there’s a phone number to call on your insurance card. Many drivers also have AAA and other similar programs.

Flat Tires

Even though it can take longer to wait on assistance to arrive, this is the safest method. Each year, thousands of people are killed when they pull off the road or highway to make repairs to their auto. Drivers are no longer paying enough attention to avoid accidents and that can leave you a sitting duck.

Safety is Top Priority

Make safety your top priority. Even though you may be late for a meeting or work, it’s better to take your time and take the utmost precautions in order to ensure that you get home alive to your family.

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