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Understanding the Importance of Tire Care

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The more you know about your car, the better. From the moment you sign the papers to buy it to that first tune-up, you can save yourself time, money and grief by knowing lots more than the average guy about your vehicle. For one thing, people will take advantage of those who are not very knowledgeable. Whether we’re talking about a new set of tires or new flooring for your house, some stores and sales people take advantage of those who are not well-informed.

The tires of your vehicle are the ones that get in contact with the road. Hence, it is important to take care of them for longer use, for your own safety when driving, and for your vehicle to perform better.

Visual Tire Checks

Tire CareWhen it comes to tire care, you owe it to your family to make sure that tires are always safe and this can include regular checks for holes, punctures, knots and the like. Keeping the air at optimal levels also helps with your gas mileage. It only takes a few moments to walk around your car and visually check each tire. This would be a good time to check the air pressure in each one. Your owner’s manual will tell you the right air pressure or you can find it online at the dealer’s website.

Regular Tire Maintenance

This includes everything from checking the air pressure to rotating. Good driving habits are also important. Avoid taking off or stopping quickly as this will cause undue tread wear. It’s easy to check tread depth using the “Penny Test”. Just hold a penny by the bottom and stick it in between tire treads. If any part of Lincoln’s head is covered by treads, then you’re okay.

Nothing wears tires out worse than bad wheel alignment. If you drive over bumpy roads or run over debris, this can throw the wheels out of alignment faster than normal. If you notice a squealing sound when turning the corner or your wheel pulls to the left or right, then it’s best to stop by a local repair shop and have this checked out. Otherwise, you could be looking at a new set of tires way before you had planned.

Your tires are a big investment and keeping them in good running condition as long as possible ensures that you’ll get safely to your destination. You can also greatly reduce your tire-buying expenses with just a few simple precautions.

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