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Tire Maintenance Tip: Avoid Overloading Tires

Drivers ordinarily do not overload their tires except during vacation and holiday seasons. These are times of the year when the whole family will want to take everything from the family dog to their surfboard to wherever they’re going. Even at Christmas and Thanksgiving, drivers often want to take unusual items like a table or chairs when they go off to see parents and grandparents.

Overloaded Tires
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This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re taking the usual gifts and food items, but if you need to transport furniture, tools, car parts or other uncommon things, then consider this. Overloading your tires can cause the cords in the sidewalls to begin unraveling. This is especially true in climates like Florida where the weather is usually warm. The warm rubber on your tires is even more susceptible to damage.

Even after you remove the heavy load, your tire treads will continue to unravel. At some point, they can fly off the tire while driving causing the tire to completely shred. This can be very dangerous. If you own a business and have to transport big loads all the time, then the chances are that you already have a truck with heavy duty tires on it.

Load Limit For Your Tires

The safe load limits on any tire are determined by the ply rating or load range, along with the tire’s size and inflation pressure. For instance, if you have four tires rated:

-Max Load 1500 pounds at 32 pounds per square inch-

Then you can safely transport 6,000 pounds.

 Many tire manufacturers recommend under-inflating tires when carrying heavy loads. You might reduce the 32psi to 30psi, but that also reduces the weight you can carry by a few hundred pounds. Don’t forget to take into consider the weight of passengers and drivers.

If you work in a profession where you must constantly transport big loads, such as landscaping or construction, then consider buying larger tires or tires with a higher load range. If you are in doubt about what to get for your driving habits, then speak to a wheel and tire specialist. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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Overloading Tires

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