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Tire Safety Check

Tire ProblemsGood tires are essential for your ride. They control your car’s handling and braking capabilities. In addition, nobody likes being out on the highway in rush hour traffic and getting a flat tire. One good way to avoid this scenario is to perform regular tire safety checks. If you’re concerned about tread depth, then the penny test is still a great way to check that and it only take a few moments time and one penny.

Signs of Tire Problems

One of the first signs of tire problems is poor handling. Your car might ride roughly or your tires might feel squishy. Most experienced drivers can tell when something’s wrong. Often, since tires wear out slowly, you just get used to the weirdness and you don’t even realize that anything’s wrong. This is true with tires, shocks, brakes and even the engine.

If you’re a busy executive, then simply ask the mechanic to check your tires each time your get an oil change or tire rotation. If not, then inspect them yourself. Walk around the car about once a month. Stoop down and feel for nails and screws in the rubber. Is there any apparent damage to the sidewalls? Check the air pressure too. Tires wear out too quickly if the air pressure is too high and when it’s too low, you lose handling capabilities.

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If you notice a cut, bulge or blister, get down to your local tire shop. Replacing a tire is much cheaper than having a blowout and running off the road. Don’t ignore warning signs like vibration. You may need a wheel alignment or a tire could be damaged. If everyone kept their car in tip-top shape, we could most likely eliminate thousands of accidents and injuries each year.

One excellent idea is to form a good working relationship with a local tire shop and/or garage. You can learn so much from seasoned experts. If you have a problem or question, just stop by on the way home from work and ask the technician. Never ignore problems with your car! They always get worse as time goes on.

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