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Car Maintenance Tips Before Heading Out on Your Summer Road Trip Adventure

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Road trip season is officially here. It is time to pack up your college buddies, your kids, or whoever else you want to go on a road trip adventure with up, and hit the road! However, you want to be sure your car is going to get you where you are going without an issue. 

So, before you head out on the open road, here are some car maintenance tips for you.

Check Your Tires

Your tires are an essential part of your trip, You do not want to be on the road and end up with a blow out or a flat if you can prevent it. You want to make sure that your tire pressure is good, as well as check the tread on your tires. Replace any that have questionable tread with new or quality used tires.

Get an Oil Change

If you are close to needing an oil change, go ahead and get one. You will be putting a lot of mileage on your car and you want it functioning at its best.

Get your Fluids Checked

You also want to check your transmission and power steering fluid, as well as your antifreeze levels and brake fluid. This is also a good time to top off your windshield wiper fluid.

Check your Spark Plugs

If your spark plugs are misfiring, it will negatively affect your gas mileage and put unnecessary strain on your engine. Check your mileage against the manufacturer’s suggested time to change your spark plugs If it is time to change them, don’t forget to change the spark plug wires as well.

Check Your Belts

A road trip is not the time to have a timing or serpentine belt go bad. Have your belts checked out, and change them if needed. This small step can save you a lot of headaches.

Get your Brakes Checked

You also want to have your brake pads, rotors, and brake drums checked out. A trip is no time to deal with faulty brakes. This is also a good time to make sure there are no leaks in the line, and that your master cylinder is in good shape if your car is a little older.

Want to get your car road trip ready? Our professional staff can help!

Let us help you get your car ready for summertime adventures! Call us at (561) 847-4097 to schedule car maintenance such as an oil change in West Palm Beach today.

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