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10 Tire Maintenance Tips For Safe Driving

The number of multicar pile-ups is increasing on America’s roadways. Almost monthly we hear about a big pile up on some freeway. Sometimes these are caused by fog, ice and snow or other weather related issues, but sometimes these are simply caused by driver negligence. One thing you can do to improve your chances of avoiding a flat tire, blowout, or accident is to maintain your car with a good set of tires. Check out these 10 tire maintenance tips for safe driving.

Tip One: Oversteering/ Understeering

Taking turns too quickly can lead to problems. Sometimes drivers intentionally over-steer in order to achieve “drifting”. Some cities now hold drifting competitions, but this technique will shorten the life of tires.

Tire Maintenance Tips
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Tip Two: The Weather

Many drivers simply don’t slow down when it’s raining or icy. Highway accidents are way up because of this. Slow down and drive more carefully in bad weather.

Tip Three: Be Attentive

Drivers today simply don’t watch where they’re going. You’ll often see drivers texting or talking on the phone. This has caused a big increase in accidents, but it also adds to tire damage. Drivers can run over all types of road debris without even realizing it simply because they are not watching the road.

Tip Four: Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure every 30 days. Underinflated tires wear out more easily and make handling a much tougher chore.

Wheel Alignment West Palm Beach FLTip Five: Wheel Alignment

This can cause your car to be very difficult to handle and your tires will wear out unevenly. If you suspect that the wheels are out of alignment, get this taken care of right away.

Tip Six: Road Trips

If you are planning a trip soon, be sure to check your tires thoroughly including your spare. Make sure you have all the components of your Jack so that you can change a flat if necessary.

Tip Seven: Tire Sizes

Don’t mix tire sizes on your vehicle. This will cause difficulty in handling and your tires will wear out more quickly.

Tip Eight: Tread Depth

Tread depth can quickly be checked using the “Penny Test”. If your tires fail the test, then consider replacing them. Worn out tires lead to accidents.

Tip Nine: Off-Road Driving

If you’re planning a weekend of off-road driving, then be sure to have your tires checked when you return home. Off-road driving has become a fun weekend activity but it’s also hard on tires.

Tip Ten: Tire Storage

If you’re working with multiple sets of tires, be sure to store the set you’re not using properly. Make sure there’s no grease or dampness in the area. Store tires in a cool, dry place away from heaters and generators.






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