Fuel Saving Tips: Driving Habits to Avoid

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Fuel Saving Tips
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With the current price of gasoline hovering at around $4 per gallon, it’s no wonder that most drivers are searching for ways to save.  There are actually some very effective ways of cutting down on the gas you use each week and by making just a few adjustments you might be able to save hundreds of dollars per year. Below are some fuel saving tips for you:

Fuel Saving Tips: Avoid Starting and Stopping

One of the big gas guzzlers when it comes to driving habits, is sudden starting and stopping. If you take off quickly and slam on your brakes during ordinary driving, you can count on using more gas overall. You’ll also wear out your tires a lot faster. Take off gradually from red lights and be prepared to stop in traffic. Developing better habits in this area can also help you avoid accidents.

Fuel Saving Tips: Reduce Heavy Loads

Many people use their vehicle for work. If you customarily haul large loads of lumber or landscaping materials around, then expect to get poor gas mileage. About the only thing you can do in this case is look for light duty trucks that get the best gas mileage. Don’t buy a larger truck than you actually need. Pulling a trailer will cost you even more in gas. If you’ve ever had to move using one of the U-Hauls that attaches to a trailer hitch, then you know … don’t expect to get more than 8 or 10 mpg.

Fuel Saving Tips: Regular Maintenance

This is one that we could all improve on. Keep your car properly maintained with good tires, an efficiently running motor, oil change, clean fuel and air filters, etc. When we let our vehicle go and don’t perform regular maintenance on it, then gas mileage will decline in accordance with that.

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Fuel Saving Tips: Monitor Tire Pressure

The experts agree that you can get 3% to 4% better gas mileage simply by keeping your tires properly inflated. Most people don’t realize that air escapes from our tires just from regular driving. It’s a good idea to get tire pressure checked on a monthly basis. You can easily do it yourself with an inexpensive tire gauge.

The fuel saving tips discussed above may sound very simple. However, it is from these simple things that our gas consumption increases when driving. These are actually unnecessary use of gas. So if you follow these fuel saving tips and correct these simple habits, you can cut a little on your gas expenses and that’s kind of a big thing in today’s economy.

Fuel Saving Tips

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