How Does Wheel Balancing Keep You Safe?

Semi Truck Tires

Maintaining your car properly is just one of the responsibilities of auto ownership. Often young people who have just gotten their first car are very diligent about this. You probably recall your very first automobile and how excited you were to finally get a car. It’s a very liberating and incredible feeling to have the […]

Why Does Your Vehicle Need Proper Wheel Alignment?

Though there are many reasons why you should always keep your vehicle’s wheel alignment in proper condition, the number one reason is that you will wear out tires too quickly. When we spend hundreds of dollars on a great set of tires, we expect them to last a long time and they should last for […]

Wheel Alignment: Common Signs of a Misaligned Vehicle

Commercial Truck Tires

How can you tell if your wheels are out of alignment? Though sometimes these signs are unmistakable, there are other instances where you may not be aware. If you have noticed that your steering wheel pulls to the left or to the right as you are traveling down the road, then your wheels may be […]

Best Mechanic in West Palm Beach

For years, Deals on Wheels has been known as the West Palm Beach tire shop where you can always get low prices and fast service on quality rims and tires. But lately, we are gaining a reputation for offering top quality mechanic services also. We work on all types of passenger cars, light-duty trucks and […]

Brake Services from Deals on Wheels

Good brakes are essential, especially in a busy city like West Palm Beach. People come from all over the world to visit our beautiful city and many of them are just excited to be on vacation in such a lovely place. Tourists fill the south Florida area each year and while they bring a lot […]

Low Cost Wheels in West Palm Beach

Aftermarket Wheels are a terrific value and even those who have plenty of money to spend often wind up choosing them. There’s really no downside. You get the same great quality and high-end appeal for your light-duty truck, SUV or auto plus you save hundreds of dollars. In this economy, even the wealthiest shoppers are […]

Check Out our Wheel Alignment Services

Deals on Wheels offers professional wheel alignment services at affordable prices and we give you fast, friendly service that you can count on. Wheel alignment issues can cause uneven tire wear and make it harder to control your vehicle. If you’ve been noticing that your steering wheel pulls to one side, then this is a […]