Fleet Maintenance Services to Look For

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Many companies large and small now outsource their fleet maintenance services and for good reason. This has shown to be a cost-savings approach to your company’s need for a line of vehicles. Regardless of what type of company you run, you probably need at least a few company cars for specific employees along with several […]

Why Does Your Car Need Regular Oil Change?

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You may never have thought about why your car needs oil. The engine contains many moving parts that must be lubricated to work smoothly. Oil not only lubricates, but it cools the moving parts, keeps them clean and seals the pistons in the cylinders. Without oil, you engine would seize up and stop working completely. […]

5 Tips to Better Car Air Filter Maintenance

Looking for ways to improve your vehicle’s mileage? One place to look is the air filter. A clogged or dirty air filter can impede gas mileage by up to 10%. Your car’s air filter protects the engine against grit and grime. A blocked air filter essentially chokes your automobile and restricts its air intake. A […]

Signs That Your Car Needs Air Conditioning Repair

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You might think that identifying a problem with the car’s air conditioner is a pretty simple task, but since they can go out gradually, you may not realize that your air isn’t as cold as it should be. A few of the more common problems include: A decrease in air flow A mildew or musty […]

Body Lift Kits vs. Suspension Lift Kits

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Two of the most popular upgrades to any new truck are the Body and Suspension Lifts. With today’s technology, Body and Suspension Lift kits are more accessible and affordable than ever. What most drivers want to know is which way to go: should you choose a body lift or a suspension lift? So let’s discuss […]

When Do Cars Need Tire Balancing?

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Many drivers can tell when their tires need balancing due to that very recognizable vibration in the steering wheel. But today’s newer cars and tires have technology that can change things for the better or worse. Today’s vehicles are much lighter than older cars, making odd noises and vibrations easier to discern. Tire technology has […]

5 Tips to Maximize Car Air Conditioning Operation

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You may not be thinking about your car’s air conditioning unit right now but this is a good time to have it checked out and fully serviced before the long, hot days ahead. During the long, warm Florida summers, your car has to work hard to keep you cool and it does require some servicing […]

How To Check Your Car’s Shock Absorbers

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Why Check Your Car’s Shock Absorbers? For a smooth, safe ride, get in the habit of checking your shock absorbers from time to time. This is especially true if you’re about to take a big vacation. Part of your preparation should be checking out the car’s tires, steering, shocks and making sure your spare tire […]

Initial Signs of Tire Problems

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Tire Safety Check Good tires are essential for your ride. They control your car’s handling and braking capabilities. In addition, nobody likes being out on the highway in rush hour traffic and getting a flat tire. One good way to avoid this scenario is to perform regular tire safety checks. If you’re concerned about tread […]

The Perfect Time To Replace Your Car’s Shocks

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If you travel down a bumpy road and feel every single bump, then it’s time to replace your shocks. Sometimes, however, it’s not quite that obvious and many urban drivers just don’t find themselves on old, bumpy country roads anymore.  So how can your tell when you should replace your shocks? Or, more to the […]