295 60 22.5 Car Haulers

295 60 22.5 Car Haulers

A car hauler truck is a commercial truck that is equipped to tow a specialized car-hauling trailer. Some car haulers are high mount, meaning they use a traditional 5th wheel that connects to the trailer above the rear axles of the truck. Other car haulers are stingers, with a 5th wheel that connects to the […]

Boat Trailer Tires Sale

Different boat trailers have different needs. Some will need special tires. Until one of the special tires takes a tumble and causes damage to the entire boat, it’s not the most exciting thing on the planet. Special tires become the center of attention and quickly become the focus of the afternoon. We’ll show you some trailer accessories that […]

Commercial Dump Truck Tires

Commercial Dump Truck Tires

There is no other truck on the market like a dump truck. These trucks are used for transporting heavy and light goods. They are the most widely used truck in America due to their wide application range. Its modern tread design ensures strength and durability. Their durability, strength, and wear resistance are also increased by the well-designed, rugged-engineered wheels. There […]

Large Commercial Tires

Large Commercial Tires

The manufacturer of large commercial trucks must take into account certain factors when designing the truck bed and the truck. The weight of the load and its relationship to the axle, or the centerline of a semi-trailer are two of these considerations. These are important aspects to consider because the vehicle will not be able to stop […]

Boat Trailer Tires

Large Commercial Truck Tires

Getting on the water is your main goal but getting to the water without the proper Boat Trailer Tires can get in the way. With your trailer tires taking a beating, sitting in the sun, rubbing the road, and so much more they go through a ton but at Deals on Wheels we aim to […]

Brake Services from Deals on Wheels

Good brakes are essential, especially in a busy city like West Palm Beach. People come from all over the world to visit our beautiful city and many of them are just excited to be on vacation in such a lovely place. Tourists fill the south Florida area each year and while they bring a lot […]

Low Cost Wheels in West Palm Beach

Aftermarket Wheels are a terrific value and even those who have plenty of money to spend often wind up choosing them. There’s really no downside. You get the same great quality and high-end appeal for your light-duty truck, SUV or auto plus you save hundreds of dollars. In this economy, even the wealthiest shoppers are […]

Check Out our Wheel Alignment Services

Deals on Wheels offers professional wheel alignment services at affordable prices and we give you fast, friendly service that you can count on. Wheel alignment issues can cause uneven tire wear and make it harder to control your vehicle. If you’ve been noticing that your steering wheel pulls to one side, then this is a […]

Tire Shop in West Palm Beach

Deals on Wheels is one of those old-fashioned tire shops in the South Florida area where you can still get good advice about wheels and tires. These days it can be tough to find that, especially in those large chain stores. Our tire experts are well educated on all the finer points of tires and […]

Tips on Buying an Economy Tire

Purchasing an economy tire can be a good idea in certain situations. If you are buying tires for work car or teenager’s car then an economy car can be a good solution. We all go through money crunches where we must stay on a strict budget for a while and a good set of economy […]