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front-end work west palm beach flBody lift kits can be used to make your car taller. This aftermarket car modification elevates the body of the vehicle, moving it away from the frame. Another type of lift, known as a suspension lift, adjusts the vehicle height by altering the suspension system.

A suspension lift increases ground clearance, allowing for larger tires by increasing the height of the wheel wells. A body lift does not increase ground clearance, but it is less expensive than a suspension lift. It only serves an aesthetic function, and will not help with steering and handling problems.

To begin with, decide what type of body lift kit you want. Take into consideration the car’s frame and suspension system. There are various lift kits for many car makes and models and these are not interchangeable. A Ford body lift kit won’t work on a Chevy and vice versa. Next, decide how high you want to go. This will take some research. Some models require you to raise or extend bumpers if the gearshift is too short. You can avoid this hassle by simply going with a lower body lift or suspension lift.

Consider Prices

Body lift kits consist of blocks and spacers. There aren’t any complex parts or expensive technology. Since they’re all about the same quality, just look for the lowest price and go with that one. The internet might be a great place to get a good deal.

Consider Safety

Raising the body of your car will change its center of gravity making it more difficult to handle. It will be easier to lose control and roll the car as well. A suspension lift kit provides better handling, so it might be worth it to pay a little more and go this route instead.

Before starting, have a good plan about what you want to accomplish and lay out a budget. This can keep you on track. If you’re unsure, do some research online or speak to a local tire and wheel professional or mechanic with experience in this area. They may be able to save you some time and money and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Body Lift Kits West Palm Beach FL

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