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Commercial Trailer Tires

Commercial Trailer Tires

When looking at commercial trailer tires or recreational vehicles (RV’s), there may be two things that are immediately apparent: the size of the tires, and the look of them. The appearance of your commercial trailer tires is secondary; what is important is the quality of the tires and the overall condition of the trailer itself. Let’s take a look at both. Here are a few ways that your trailer tires will affect the way you drive.

As you can probably guess, the size and shape of the tires will have a huge effect on how smoothly your vehicle moves. At the very least, the contact patch of the load will not scrape as easily over uneven or sloping surfaces. However, the sheer size of the load may actually cause your vehicle to tip over, especially if the sides of the trailer tip over sideways. Most trailer tires are designed to be fairly durable, but you should still maintain and care for them properly, just in case of a breakdown.

Good trailer tires also come with a radial ply layer, which is usually constructed from steel. This layer provides a number of advantages. The most obvious is that it improves traction. If you simply follow your tires, then the radial-ply will serve to increase the overall grip of the tires on the road, which should reduce the possibility of losing control of the RV.

Many manufacturers use two different purposes in their trailer tires. Some use the same load-bearing capacity as on the vehicle. Other manufacturers make use of a different purpose in their design. Some use a stiffer sidewall, which enables them to handle heavier loads; some use a rubber compound, with a different purpose in that it allows more flex between the tread blocks than does the rubber compound used by others.

The design and performance of trailer tires affect the cost of the tire. Just because you can afford a larger load doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy a bigger size. You should buy the size of the tire that best fits your RV. Your best option is to contact an automotive service center or a manufacturer of off-road vehicles and purchase a set of customized or DOT-approved tires. These have special load ratings and designs that maximize the performance and longevity of the tire.

When purchasing your next set of recreational vehicles or boat trailers, you must consider not only the treads but the other components of your vehicle, as well. Trailer tires should fit correctly and offer good on-road performance. It’s important to note that lighter recreational vehicles have shorter wheelbases than typical vehicles. The extra length increases the chances of the wheels rolling when the vehicle moves over gravel, sand, or loose soil. Also important to note is that you should always choose your trailer tires with the same make, model, and year of your vehicle for optimal performance and safety.

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Commercial Trailer Tires


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